Accurate financial information from Inventogo BI gives you the power to make informed decisions.

Application Overview


Loads the home dashboard which contains your key cash flows and balances. Manage your meetings and tasks from here.

Each application has the ability to record staff expenses. These are managed by approving, declining or with payment.


Display a detailed view of sales based on multiple filters.

Enterprise wide sales, enterprise wide gross margins, branch sales, staff sales, customer sales, product sales, product category sales, region sales and industry sales.


View local and foreign bank accounts. Income statements at enterprise and branch levels.

Monitor product category sales budgets. Aged receivables reports and aged payable reports. Monitor GP margins. View term loans and term deposits.


View your sales pipeline with reports on leads, quotes and pending sales, all in real time. Gain an overview with monthly sales report.

View date range sales reports for customers, branch, products, product category. Compare sales by period.


View a wide range of reports on purchasing activity.

View stock, non-stock, freight and fixed asset purchases. Monthly purchase reports show you buying trends. Reports by Branch, Supplier, Product and Category.


It is important to monitor foreign currency transactions. Produce reports of bank spot transactions, forward contracts as well as your forex gains-losses


Monitor inventory valuation based on product category and at each branch. Focus on the top 5 by valuation. Report on inventory levels by category and branch.