Inventogo Catalog manages product and web content, including product specifications, images, pdf downloads and pricing.

Application Overview


Catalogs are Inventogo’s way of organising like products. Catalogs also hold brands and product categories.

Catalogs can be internal only or expose their products to the internet via Inventogo Product Server and Inventogo Web Trade.

Website Content

Inventogo Product Server is a public facing website that contains your product information.

There is a template that customises the site to your company look and information. You can enter About Us information. Search Engine meta-data and keywords can be maintained.


Inventogo Catalog maintains a multi-currency price list for each product.

You can apply prices based on customer type and product type. Products that have variations (like different color of the product) can be priced collectively.


Products are created from a master product. The Master product holds all the global information like the GL codes. Where the product has variations (eg colors) these are setup and attached to the master product.

Images and related products are setup. Once the information is complete the new product is published.


Maintain existing product information. Rename products, edit product skus, add new variations to an exisiting products, remove a product, restore a product.

Product visiabllity on the website is controled from Manintan.

View Products

View enables you to view image galleries of the product range. By clicking on the gallery a more detailed view is displayed containing product specifications, features and related.

The product views are organised by brand, category, filter, or favorite.

Filter Products

Filters are a flexible way of sorting product based on a label. Filters are first attached to a product category then to the product.

An example: There is a product category called mountain bike. The mountain bikes come with alloy and carbon frames. A filter label can be applied to list just the alloy or just the carbon frames.


Products have lists that give more information to the customer. These lists are key product points, product specifications, product features, related products and pdf's.

Product lists are attached to products here and you can create and store lists as libraries for re-use.