Inventogo Channel is all about internal communication within the organisation.

Application Overview

Internal Communication

Record long term internal conversations from messages, emails, phone calls, meetings, documents and tasks.

Your can create use and close any number of channels. Channels can be searched, viewed by staff members or by date range.

Public Channels

Public channels start with the General Channel which is the system home page. Next there is a channel for each of the system roles e.g. Sales CRM.

Staff can setup a channel for a specific topic. For example, there may be a major job and transaction that all related communication needs to gather in one place so the whole team remain informed.

Private Channels

Private channels have a topic and maybe setup by a staff member who becomes the channel owner. The channel owner can invite other staff to become members of the channel.

If the person logged in is neither the owner or a member of the channel they cannot access anything about the channel