Inventogo System Manager gives the system adminstrator the tools needed to setup and adjust the enterprise information.

Application Overview


Enterprise manages the company details which are used system wide.

The warehouses and branch information is created and managed from here. Each branch must have a connected warehouse.


Users may be updated via a csv upload or individually by the system manager. Once setup roles are attached to each user.

Users can be removed and their roles adjusted by the system manager


Financials sets up customer account types against which price lists are maintained.

The system banks and currencies are setup here. Only currencies used in normal business are required


Complete customer data is the most valuable information a business can have. Uploading customers gives you the tools to clean the data.

The ability to filter customers on a wide range variables is setp here.


Supplier data is uploaded and you can access the tools to clean the data.

There is a two stage process that enables you to check and correct supplier information.


Product information is the most detailed set of data. Product data has two layers these are Product Master and Product Item

Product Master information can be uploads as it is fixed set of variables.