Inventogo Production manages raw material stock, BOM management and the complete manufacturing process.

Application Overview


Production is a series of Work Orders which are a request to produce a stock item. Work Order items are listed in the Bill of Materials.

A detailed costing based on the material cost can be produced and other costs can be added. Work orders are confirmed from here.


The production department manages the purchase of the raw material components. This also appies to packaging.

Once material purchases are comfirmed and placed the invoice is posted to the Financial app for payment.


The production department manages its own inventory of materials and packaging.

Inwward shipments are counted and checked for short shipping. Packing inventory is also managed


The production app produces stock items that the business sells. Once a work order is completed the product items are transfered to the business inventory.

Item documentation and labels are produced for the incoming items warehouse.


It important to have a detailed inventory of every component as a shortage can stop production completely.

The addition of new raw materials and packaging types are managed here.

Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials is a list and quantity of the items used to produce the product. It can be thought of as the recipe.

The Work Order for a specific product must have an connected Bill of Materials.

Credit Notes

If raw material is returned a credit note must be produced. The credit note is sent the Financial app.


Manage the inventory around physical return of raw material and packaging.


Lookup and manage suppliers, supplier contacts and warehouses.