After sales support is a key component of your “value proposition” to your customers.

Application Overview


A Dashboard showing Customer Tickets , Customer Contacts, Group Assigned Tickets, Product Tickets, Brand Tickets and Product Category Tickets is displayed.

New Ticket are created and have the status of pending until the ticket is approved.


Once a ticket is approved and opened its held in the Ticket Inbox where its stages and points of contact are recorded.

The ticket action reports can be viewed by ticket stage, job sheets can be produced as well has tracking the site address.


When a ticket is accepted the internal account manager and the customer are sent an email notifying them the process has started.

A library of FAQ's and stored standard responses can be emailed to a list of interested parties.


A support desk is a cost so it is important to identify where those costs are coming from. Typically a small group products can account for most of the problem. Equally some customer types can account for a lot of the cost.

The support desk can give valuable feedback to the sales team about product suitability for a given task.


Often a support solution is not in the hands of a single person, you may for example dealing with an offsite servicing department. Inventogo Support manages this by the creation of Agent Groups.

Members of Agent groups can be managed