In the B2B space customers expect detailed product information plus easy to order online and receive prompt delivery

Application Overview


Web Trades primary function is to make the placement of purchase orders online as easy as possible. Combined with the public website the customers is supplied detailed product information.

Once a cart is activated orders may be entered and these orders have the status of pending, this allows a purchase order to build up in time before it is placed.


Quotes can be created in the CRM for known customers and then posted to Web Trade for approval or decline.

Once a quote has been accepted it can be processed in the same manner as a ordinary purchase.


The ability to manage shipping addresses from within Web Trade means that the customer has complete control over the destination.

Shipments can be sent to a one off site, shipments be sent by priority courier or a shipment can be picked up.


Inventogo stock products are organised into Catalogs. This is a method grouping products, brands and categories.

You are able to view galleries of product list ordered by brand, category, filters and favorites. You can click the images to get a more detailed view.


Branch contact details are displayed when you select Contact