Informed In-Control Inventogo

Inventogo is Cloud Software that empowers small business to seamlessly transact with their business customers using full Multi-Channel Cloud ERP functionality.

Inventogo Spreads Information Across Your Organisation

Customer Centric

Inventogo gives enterprise power to small business and keeps your organisation abreast of digital transformation as it happens.

Gain the functionality to run your business on a real time basis that empowers you to take early action on any opportunities or issues.

Gain a proactive forward looking organisation that is clearly customer centric.

Empower Your Team

So much time and efficiency is lost because staff are paralysed by a lack of information to make timely decisions.

By spreading information across the whole business decision making becomes routine because the correct information is always at hand.

Empower your team to make timely decisions.

Scale With Confidence

A common central data set gives you a complete end to end view across sales, purchasing, manufacturing, stock, and warehouse management.

As you gain a greater insight into your customers needs your orginasation will increasingly become customer centric. Monitor and optimise your sales processes with powerful data sets.

Use your data to scale with confidence.

Inventogo Application Portfolio

Business Inteligence

Accurate financial information from Inventogo BI gives you the power to make informed decisions


Inventogo Financials gives a Bookkeeper or Accountant the information needed to keep management fully informed.


Inventogo Channel is all about topic organised internal communication within your organisation.

Support Desk

After sales support is a key component of your “value proposition” to your customers. Manage the progress from any branch.


Inventogo CRM gives your sales team the power to deliver consistently superior customer service


Inventogo Catalog manages product and web content, including product specifications, images, pdfs and pricing.

Web Trade

In the B2B space customers expect detailed product information plus easy to order online and receive prompt delivery

Product Server

Inventogo Product Server manages all the public facing product information and web content, including pricing.


Inventogo Buyer assists you to source the best products and maintain a close working relationship with suppliers.


Inventogo Production manages raw material stock, BOM management and the complete manufacturing process.


Logistics role is to seamlessly receive and ship the products generated by the sales and purchases applications.