Flawless shipping enhances your reputation as a reliable supply partner for your customers.


Inventogo Logistics

The smooth flow of inward and outbound products is vitally important as logistics sets the pace of transactions.

Inventogo Buyer & CRM

Receiving goods is sourced from purchase orders from Buyer and product shipping instructions comes from CRM sales

Inventogo Channel

Internal communication with Inventogo Channel keeps everyone informed about customer shipping progress.

Role Overview

Receive Inward Goods

It is very important to count inward goods and record there warehouse location. Receive stock products coming from Production. Manage any short shipped orders.

Ship Sales Orders

In todays market place where orders are increasely off your website fast delivery is becoming an opportunity to excell. Automatically create shipping documents and labels. Record tracking numbers.

Transfers and Returns

Manage stock transfers between branches as well as returns to suppliers and recieve returns from customers.

Customer Pick-Up

Customers can opt for pick-up of their purchases from a branch. These need to tracked so the order is ready when they arrive.

Warehouse Locations

Warehouses are divided in Pick lists identify the warehouse position of each item to be shipped. Locations are defined by aisles, units, shelves and bins.

Shipping Addresses

Each customer may have multiple address that goods are shipped to the logistics team can add and edit these address. If the customer purchases on Web Trade they can enter a new address.