Maximise financial certainty and profitability while leading your business forward.


Inventogo Business Intelligence

Inventogo Business Intelligence keeps management informed in real time

Inventogo Finance

Inventogo Finance is the hub that interconnects all business cash flows

Inventogo Channel

Internal communication is made easy by Inventogo Channel

Role Overview

Start with accurate numbers

Inventogo has a strong focus on cash flow and contains a series of dashboards and reports to give management a clear view the cash position.

Business Intelligence

Gain a wide ranging view of the key drivers of the business all being captured in real time. You can closely monitor cash, sales, purchases, forex and inventory

Optimise your business

Maximise profitability with an end-to-end view across operations, purchasing, manufacturing, stock, and warehouse management. Scale with confidence.

Create a data-driven culture

Having the data opens a whole new dimension to decision making. Go from data to insight and discover the new opportunites that inspire action.

Execute your strategy

Embark on your expansion strategy with certianty you have the systems to provide a strong base upon which you can build scale

Your role as visionary leader

Be early to market trend changes because you have the data. Know were to place your resources to maximise growth and minimise risk.