After sales support is a key component of your “value proposition” to your customers.


Inventogo Support

Customer after sales support tickets are created and managed by Inventogo Support

Inventogo CRM

It is important the customer is kept informed about their ticket and this is the responsiblity of the attached sale person.

Inventogo Channel

Internal communication with Inventogo Channel keeps everyone informed about customer support issues.

Role Overview

Create Support Tickets

Support Tickets are created and once accepted the customer is notified with an email which is personalized to them.

Ticket Tracking

Tickets can be reviewed by customer, product, agent group and ticket status. The Account Manager of the customer is notified by email.

Cost Control

Cost control over support is easy to identify the customers and products that consume both time and cash. Actions can be implemented to reduce these costs

Agent Teams

Assign agent groups to attending to the ticket. Print job sheets for agents to follow

Reports and Dashboards

There are a wide range of reports and dashboards. Tickets can be viewed by customer, contact, agents, products, brands and product categorys

Response- FAQ Library

Create messages based on the tickets status plus answers to FAQs then attach them to notification emails.