A Big Opportunity Requires a Fast Response

You Are All About Growth

You have a distinct advantage in the market which has translated into an exponential growth is sales. Demand is such that you cannot keep up.

Your Need System Scalability

Fortunately in Inventogo you have a cloud based system which uses the internet as its structure leading to scalability without on premises hardware This cuts down the time and the cost. Inventogo is branch based so sales and distribution system infrastructure can be created in minutes.


Inventogo bundles 11 applications around a centralised data source that empowers each member of your team. Your staff can be given access to the applications that match their job. They will know what is happening with real time information about every customer, supplier and transaction.

Costs Need to be Managed

In a period of spectacular growth is easy for costs to expand especially in hiring staff to solve problems. A better solution is to empower existing staff by expanding their capability with low cost systems. It is very important that information flows to every part of the business. Inventogo user licenses are just $29 per month.

Timely Action

Opportunities that give rise to spectacular growth tend to not last forever so it is important to know when to slow down. Inventogo’s sales analytics can keep you informed about sales and trends. This information is invaluable to the buying team.

The Correct Fit

The opportunity is yours to succeed so matching your capacity to the changes in demand is critical. If you cannot handle every aspect of the growth in sales your customers will leave you at the earliest opportunity.

Multi Branch

Inventogo is multi-branch with Sales, Buying, Shipping and Support applications are branch centric. This gives you the ability to create and track each branch separately.

Web Sales

Inventogo has complete B2B e-commerce platform built in. This makes managing web orders a breeze. Inventogo Product Server maintains a database of active web products. This product information can populate your public website with always up to date information.

Web Trades primary function is to make the placement of purchase orders online as easy as possible. Combined with the public website the customers is supplied detailed product information.


During periods of fast growth, it is a matter of balancing the internal capability with the external demand. This is an ever changing set of pressures. By using Inventogo to closely monitoring all the operational pressures along with cash flow you will maximise the opportunity.