Sell Through Every Channel

Customer Expectations

Increasingly customers do not have time to visit you to collect the items they need to complete a job. They want to be able to place an online order from their phone or laptop and have the items delivered to their work site. These customer expectations give you an opportunity for your organisations team to offer exceptional service.

Product Information

When selling online it is essential that you give the customer all the information they need to make the correct choice. If they are not certain that all is correct they will call you and that defeats the reason that you give them an online option. You must resource your web content management. Inventogo makes this easy by oganisting product information by catalog.

Streamlined Inventory

Inventory management is an essential part of selling online When a customer places an order they just assume that you can supply within the expected time. In Inventogo each online order is routed via our sales desk to ensure that the order is fulfilled and customer expectations are met;.

Fast Delivery

A major point of difference can be achieved with flawless delivery. Most often your delivery part of a long chain of processes and events. When an order does not arrive a lot of people notice. Equally when deliveries run smoothly time after time your reputation is enhanced to being very reliable. Inventogo Logistics has all deliveries listed and managed.

Easy to Use

Customers want a web experience that is all about them and what they are seeking to achieve. They are not interested in wading through lots of fluffy information about you, especially if they buy off you every few days. They want to easily find the correct item and place the order so they can get with day. Keep it as simple as possible.


Success on the web is easy provided you have all your systems streamlined. If something goes wrong it can be a very bad experience for the customer which they often find difficult to remedy. In the B2B market you have a relationship with the customer, which is both good and bad. On the good side you know who you are dealing and you have channels to put things right. On the bad side these are repeat customers and if they go elsewhere, a lot of business could be lost. Online sales is a huge opportunity that you must master.