Grow Reveune and Agility with Confidence

Established Business

You are an established business that is very good at your market niche. Information at an operational level is mostly obtained through email instructions and verbally. At management level you have a contract bookkeeper who comes in to manage the receipts and payments. Most of your time is spent making sales and at the operational level.


With the current system information held in silos it is very difficult to scale. There is no clear overview of the whole business or forward looking information. The business is stuck and has been like that for many years.


Eventually the market shifts and competitors emerge, disruption starts and to survive you need to adapt quickly without huge spending. The best defence is to see the disruption coming and adapt earlier.


Inventogo bundles 11 applications around a centralised data source that empowers each member of your team. Your staff can be given access to the applications that match their job. They will know what is happening with real time information about every customer, supplier and transaction.

Cost Effective.

It is very important that information flows to every part of the business and at $29 per user per month you are no longer faced with those “big business costs”.

Be Agile

With limited resources you can use your small size as an advantage by being agile and nimble. If you are in the B2B marketplace Inventogo is a strong option for your business as it delivers a cost effective subscription based system.


Success is when you feel confident to grow and not accept the status quo. When all is under control and you have steady and sustainable revenue growth plus the ability to meet change from a position of strength. You are an “Established Business” on a sustainable and safe growth path.