Maximise Your Growth Potential While Minimising Your Cost

Balance Point

Growth in a startup is all about balance - not extending to fast but still taking opportunities in the marketplace. As a new business you need to preserve capital for your “money making activity” rather than a large spend on infrastructure.

Cost Effective

To preserve capital a subscription based system is best as you do not need to fund on-premise infrastructure. A subscription based system provides an agile business solution that is cost-effective, scales rapidly and future-proofs your business.

Fewer Mistakes

Businesses without a centralised database typically have serious data accuracy issues as their information is spread across many locations, medians and formats. When starting out it is common for information to be scattered throughout the business however this leads to mistakes that slows the business down and causes customer dissatisfaction.

Be Agile

With limited resources you can use your small size as an advantage by being agile and nimble. If you are in the B2B marketplace Inventogo is a strong option for your business as it delivers a cost effective subscription based system.

Web Sales

Inventogo has complete B2B e-commerce platform built in. This makes managing web orders a breeze. Inventogo Product Server maintains a database of active web products. This product information can populate your public website with always up to date information.

Web Trades primary function is to make the placement of purchase orders online as easy as possible. Combined with the public website the customers is supplied detailed product information.


Success is when you feel that all is under control and you have steady and sustainable revenue growth plus the ability to meet change from a position of strength. Your capital is being used wisely and your “Balance Point” is in clear view.