Inventogo Financials gives a Bookkeeper or Accountant the information needed to keep management fully informed

Application Overview


Loads the home dashboard which contains your key cash flows and balances. Manage your meetings and tasks from here.

Each application has the ability to record staff expenses. These are managed by approving, declining or with payment.


Manage local and foreign bank accounts and produce statements. Reconcile cash flows. Reports by GL code and transaction type.

Transfer cash between accounts. Manage term deposits and term loans.


Manage revenue by monitoring receivables statements, unpaid invoices, branch receivables statement, customer sales statement and aged receivables report.

Manage receivable GL groups and codes. Product management reports based on GL receivables codes. Manage over and part payments


Manage payments for stock, production material, bills, freight and fixed assets. A wide range of reports based aged payables, supplier, GL code, unpaid, branch keep you abreast the cash position.

You are able to manage part payments. Manage payables GL groups and codes.


Inventogo gives you three ways to manage forex exposure, these are: use today's bank spot rate, use a portion of a forward foreign exchange contract, or use a foreign currency bank account.

Hedge gains losses are automatically recorded. Fix an enterprise wide exchange rate for each currency.


Monitor sales gst, purchase gst, zero rated gst and manage paid at the border gst. This functionality is designed to give you the number that you need for your tax return.

Record gst payments and refunds plus other forms of tax like payroll so they are recorded in the GL and bank statements. This keeps your balances accurate.


Each application has the ability to record staff expenses. These are managed by approving, declining or with payment.

This way the staff are responsible for updating their expense statement and are informed when payment of their expense occurs. This reduces what is often and lengthy process.


Manage your fixed asset register and the depreciation process. Apply depreciation by asset type. Set depreciation as completed.

View asset schedule by asset type and write-off status.


A lot of capital can be used to carry stock. Payments can be linked to stock movements. Produce reports by branch inventory, product category and by warehouse.