Logistics role is to seamlessly receive and ship the products generated by the sales and purchases applications.

Application Overview


Track purchases, monitor product arrivals, track sales. Reports are produced by product category.

Each application has the ability to record staff expenses. These are managed by approving, declining or with payment.


Confirm received count of inward goods and record their warehouse location. Receive stock products coming from Production.

Manage any short shipped orders , receive customer returns and branch transfers.


Create shipments based on the information from the CRM sale. Locate stock with prick lists.

Manage product transfers between warehouses and product returns to suppliers.

Pick Up

Customers can opt for pick-up of their purchases from a branch. These need to tracked so the order is ready when they arrive.


Inventogo stock products are organised into Catalogs. This is a method grouping products, brands and categories.

You are able to view galleries of product list ordered by brand, category, filters and favorites. You can click the images to get a more detailed view.


Track product inventory movements across branches and warehouses.

View reports by product, branch, category and warehouse.


Each customer may have multiple address that goods are shipped to the logistics team can add and edit these address.

If the customer purchases on Web Trade they can enter a new address.


Warehouses are divided in Pick lists identify the warehouse position of each item to be shipped.

Locations are defined by aisles, units, shelves and bins.