It is critically important that the sales team have every advantage possible. Inventogo CRM gives you the power to deliver consistently superior customer service.

Application Overview


Monitor your sales performance, list your call backs, arrange meetings and set up tasks.

Each application has the ability to record staff expenses. These are managed by approving, declining or with payment.


Manage lead lists by creating and updating lead follow up. Leads may be filters by a wide range of criteria into dynamic follow up lists.

All contact with leads is stored in one place so you get a complete view of the lead. Leads can be converted into customers.


Customers are setup and their information is kept current. Address and shiping address is managed. Your My Customer list enables quick access to your most valued customers

Setup customer visit lists by region and record the customer contact.


Contacts are the staff of the customer so they are your point of contact. Your My Contact list enables quick access to your most valued contacts

Record what the contact interested in so all the team can focus on the contacts needs.


Setup quotes for customers and leads. Quotes to customers may be sent as an email or posted to Inventogo Web Trade for approval

Lead quotes may be emailed and if accepted can be converted into a sale


Sales handles the transactions from existing customers. Sales transactions are entered as a pending sale until confirmed where upon they are posted to the financial application.

Stock transfers and back orders are managed here.


Website manages the incoming sales orders from the e-commerce website. A Web Trade order is effectively a pending sale as other charges may apply and the branch to ship from needs to be set

Web Trade users are invited to join by an automatically generated email which enables them to register and set their security.


Inventogo stock products are organised into Catalogs. This is a method grouping products, brands and categories.

You are able to view galleries of product list ordered by brand, category, filters and favorites. You can click the images to get a more detailed view.


Customer credit notes can be produced against specified invoices. These are posted to Inventogo Financial for processing.

You can re-stock returned items from customers.


Sales Analytics gives you access to a wide range of real time sales dashboards and reports.

The scope includes enterprise, margin, branch, staff, customer, daily, monthly, product, category, region and industry.


Track product inventory across branches and warehouses and view the buyers recent purchases plus customers recent shipments.

View reports by product, branch, category and warehouse.


Maintain manages the export and import of data lists. Customers, contacts and leads lists.

Updates filter information that does not change often, but needs access for users to setup.