Centralised purchasing always creates efficiency and a focused buyer knows how to source from the best suppliers. It is important to have a great relationship with your suppliers.


Inventogo Buyer

Inventogo Buyer assists the buyer to obtain the best products. Also allows the buyer to form a close working relationship with suppliers.

Inventogo Logistics

Warehouse staff are automatically sent an inward goods packing list. Problems can be highlighted when orders are checked and received by the warehouse staff.

Inventogo Catalog

Inventogo Catalog manages product and web content, including product specifications, images, pdf downloads and pricing.

Role Overview

An Accurate View Sales

Knowing what is selling ensures the correct type and level of stock is available. The buyer is able to manage backorder requests and automatic stock replacement.

Strong Supplier Relationships

Your access to products and materials is important. Maintaining a strong relationship with suppliers can be very helpful if conditions change.

Stock Purchasing

Purchase stock items in multi-currency, for branches, replace sold stock items, back order requests, register short shipped purchases. Post completed stock purchases to the Inventogo Finance.

Freight Purchasing

Freight purchasing can be complex as multiple parties can be involved in a shipment often with invoicing in different currencies. Post completed freight purchases to the Inventogo Finance

Non-Stock Purchasing

Manage non stock supplier lists of approved suppliers. Record transactions with the suppliers. Multi-currency non-stock purchases. Post completed non-stock purchases to the Inventogo Finance.

Fixed Asset Purchasing

The purchasing part of fixed assets is managed by the Buyer. Once the purchase has been posted to the Financial module the management of the Asset Register is controlled by the financial team.