Production adds value to components and creates your point of difference in the market.


Inventogo Buyer

Production works orders are based on producing stock items. Inventogo Buyer can identify the demand for products.

Inventogo Production

Inventogo Production manages raw material stock, BOM management and the complete manufacturing process.

Inventogo Catalog

Inventogo Catalog manages stock products and these are the products that the production team produce.

Role Overview

Bills of Material

Bill of Materials are created from production products A BOM is a list and quantity of every component that makes up the stock product.

Material Purchasing

The Production Manager controls raw material purchases and posts invoices to the Finance Application. Foreign currency is converted to local currency for costing calculations

Know Exact Unit Costing

The BOM sets out the list and quantity of each material. The material cost plus the packaging, labour, waste and other costs are totaled to know the exact cost of production.

Branch Based Works Orders

Stock is managed by branch so production works orders relate to a branch. Work orders can be combined for larger product runs.

Manage Material Suppliers

The production department deals directly with material suppliers therefore a good relationship works well for both parties.

Transfer to Stock

Once the product is completed it may be transferred to the stock of a selected branch. Variation may be accounted for during transfer.